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RW17 Coordinate Conversion Problem

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I have a series of well locations defined by Latitude, Longitude, Easting metres and Northing metres values. These are based on WGS84/NAD83 UTM Zone 13 and I wanted to convert to State Plane Coordinates. Before I started I converted a single location from UTM to SPC using Global Mapper for comparison.  I  then converted the UTM locations to the State Plane Coordinate System (SPC Zone 3003 New Mexico West) with eastings and northings in US feet using both the RW17 Single Point Conversion tool and the RW17 Multiple Point tool. In both cases the results were incorrect, irrespective of whether I based the conversion on the Latitude/Longitude values  or the Easting/Northing values.


As a cross check I converted the "Correct" SPC coordinates to UTM using the RW17 conversion tools and was able to generate the correct answer. Have I done something wrong? Try converting the location below.


David Campbell 


NAD83/UTM Zone 13 

Longitude: -107.908842

Latitude: 36.309413

Easting: 238827.1146


Northing: 4022195.485


"CORRECT" Global Mapper US State Plane 83/ Datum NAD 83/ New Mexico West 3003

Longitude: -107.908842

Latitude: 36.309413

Easting: 2700844.73 usft

Northing: 1931935.00 usft


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Hi David,


Our staff have sent you an email with a link to a test build. We'll release it publically after testing.



Tom B

RockWare Inc

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