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Drew Clemens

Digitizing and Modeling Faults from Georeferenced Seismic Sections

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I have imported two interpreted seismic reflection sections into RockWorks 17, and see the same faults/fracture zones on both sections.  I think the sections are not perpendicular to the faults, so can only calculate apparent dip.  Then goal is to measure the fracture zone's modeled dip, dip direction, and estimate length for multiple features to support integrated fracture trace study and groundwater monitoring drilling program.  What work flow or process would you recommend for doing this in RockWorks?


Thank you very much in advance,



Drew Clemens, PG

Refl_TP-2a reduced.pdf

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Hi Drew,


I suggest plotting the profiles in 3D and digitizing 3 points from the each fault plane on 2 profiles to calculate the fault dip and direction.


1. To plot the profiles in 3D, you will need the XYZ coordinates of the lower left and upper right corner or each profile.  Use the Utilities Imagery | Vertical (Images -> Vertical 3D Panels menu to plot the panels.  
2. When the panels are displayed in RockPlot3D, click on the Digitize button
 digitize_but.pngand click 2 points along the trace of the fault on the first panel.  Click 1 point along the trace of the same fault on the second panel. Copy the points to the Utilities datasheet in 9 columns: X1 Y1 Z1, X2 Y2 Z2, X3 Y3 Z3.
3. Calculate the dip angle and direction with the Utilities Planes | 3 Points -> Planes | Multiple menu command.


Tom B
RockWare Inc


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