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I'm doing P-Data Modeling on temperature data. I was wondering if there was setting or way to model the P-data so it contoured to the boreholes and didn't form a box. I want my model to conform to the natural ground surface. Any ideas?


Can I import a ground surface from ArcGis to Rockworks?

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In all solid models you can specify Superface and Subface clipping. The surfaces can either be be generated automatically or use a predetermined surface. To see the options select Solid Modeling Options  and then select Superface or Superface from the Additional options on the right.


From the Utilities tab go to Grid/ Import. We support the ESRI AsciiGrid format.

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Thanks. Those options just clip the model in the Z-Direction. Is there any way to prevent the model from producing a box in the X and Y directions. The image example I provided models temperature data. Each color is a different temperature range and are 3-D block models of the data. I'm trying to recreate the model example in Rockworks. 


Now that I'm looking at the model example, I do not think I have to manipulate the X-Y directions. It seems that they have significant vertical exaggeration and have excluded the low-temperature values to give them holes in their surface. 



Block Model_Example_1.JPG

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Sorry, I didn't understand your original question but you can use Polygon Clipping to do what you wanted. You can make a Polygon in RockPlot2D and save that as to a Polygon Table (select the polygon, right click, and click on Save To Polygon table).


Not sure I understand your second question.

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