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Manage completion history of a wellbore


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I am wondering if anyone can suggest a best practice for keeping track of well construction changes in the database.

One idea I had was to copy the well bore each time the completion changes. but that also means duplicating any log (P-) data, thus would necessarily duplicate data in the database. So ideally it would be only one well bore entry, but a possibility to go back in time for different completion setups. (e.g. adding removing gauges, deepening of a well, ....)

Any other ideas out there, input appreciated.


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Hi Julia,


My suggestions would be to either:


1.  Store date information in the Caption field
2.  Add a custom field to the Well Construction table to store date information


Unfortunately, neither of these fields can be queried during plotting, but you would at least have a way to identify when each item in the well table was in place.


Maybe other users will have some suggestions as well.


Best Regards,

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