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Petrasim problem with output controls and simulation run

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I am experiencing this very "strange" (at least to me) behaviour of Petrasim 2017 x64 on a windows 10 machine .


I have run a simulation to obtain the natural state of my case-study area, and it went fine.

After that, I have loaded the results of the natural state simulation in a new model (actually a copy of the previous) as initial condition.

On this model, I am performing a transient simulation with production and reinjection wells. Production and reinjection data are provided as table data. Rates of production and injection vary over the time between 0 (zero) and a specified flow rate. Enthalpy of injection varies as well over the time.


The transient simulation results are not satisfactory to me, since the software has print & plot almost only during positive well production and injection rates, while I need also zero flow rates in the outputs.

So, I modified in the output controls the "print & plot every #steps" value, to try to have printed values with positive and zero flow rates.

I was really surprised that during the simulation, I got errors "eos cannot find parameters" on some cells. The simulation did NOT halted prematurely, but I got errors that I did not have in the previous simulation.

I also tried to manually add some "additional print & plot times", But I can only add 100 times (I will need at least 200)


The stranger thing is that since I am only changing output controls like print & plot, it seems to affect the entire simulation. Delta times change, simulation are faster or slower, I got errors in cells only if I use some particular "print & plot every #steps" values, and I really cannot understand why. In Petrasim manual I didn't find anything, can someone help me. Thanks



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I agree that it is strange that changing the output settings would affect the simulation run.  I think its possible that adding specific print times would do this, as it changes the time steps required by the simulation.  Changing the number of time steps output shouldn't change the simulation.


I would be happy to take a look at your simulation and see if I can determine what is going on.  Please send your SIM file to Alison @ rockware.com.  You also might want to post this question on the TOUGH2/T2VOC forum supported by LBNL, as the TOUGH2 authors are really the most qualified to answer questions like this.


Best Regards,

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