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geoelectric section on rockware

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Hi Oyelere,


The step-by-step procedure will depend on the type of data you have.


  • If you have borehole resistivity data, enter that data by borehole in the P-Data table and create a model and a section or profile with the P-Data menu in the Borehole Manager.


  • If you have XYZR data, where XYZ is the location and R is the resistivity or other geoelectric data value, import or paste the data into the Utilities datasheet, assign the data types to the XYZ columns, and choose the Solid | Profile or Section menu command.


For complete step-by-step instructions for each menu command, refer to the RockWorks 17 help by clicking the red question mark in the upper right corner of the main program window, or view the help associated with each menu command in the secondary menu pane.



Tom B

RockWare Inc


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