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Importing excel sheet

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Dear Arulselvi,


Your Excel file is close, but it is missing values.


  • The Location tab is correct.
  • The Interval tab contains sand, sandy clay, laterite, and lateritic sandstone, but these values are more typically modeled as Lithology.
  • Your Lithology tab has the correct column format with Borehole Names, and top and bottom depths but no lithology names.  Move the data from the Interval tab to the Lithology tab.


Lithology Tab in Excel.


  • The Stratigraphy tab has depths, but no stratigraphy names.  


To import the data, choose the Borehole Manager File | Import | Excel | Multiple Tables menu command.  For more information about importing Excel files, refer to the help.


Importing Excel Data - Step 1




Tom B




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