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RockWorks16: Stratigraphic modelling - Missing Units

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I’m working on complex stratigraphy model of the Aquifer AB (Fig. 4). I have many layers in many place with a zero thickness. To constrain the Stratigraphy model in areas where a stratigraphy unit is missing, I add the unit with the same top and base depth (zero thickness) to the boreholes (Fig. 1). But I have a problem in Pebbles and gravel unit which is not zero in Aquifer A. (Fig. 3 and 4).


- Features of the model:

1. About 132 boreholes

2a. 2 aquifers in Aquifer A (1-Sand, marl and silts aquifer and 2-sandstone aquifer)

2b. 2 aquifers in Aquifer B (1-Pebbles and gravel aquifer and 2-sandstone aquifer)

3. semipermeable Aquifer (Clay sands, loamy aquifer) in Aquifer A


I would ask to you if my process is correct:

- Stratigraphy types (Fig. 2) :

1- Sand, marl and silts aquifer : order 1

2- Clay sands, loamy aquifer : order 2

3- Pebbles and gravel aquifer : order 3

4- Sandstone aquifer : order 4

5- Blue marl bottom of these aquifers : order 5

Thank you very much,

Have a nice day,





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Hi Sam,


It looks like the Galets et graviers unit is being projected into the west side of the model where the boreholes do not have this unit. 


Check your Stratigraphy Modeling options to see if you using Onlap in RockWorks 16.  This option gives priority to underlying formations when they are projected to overlap, and formations that are not in the correct order can cause problems.


In the examples you posted, borehole 305 has the zero thickness Galets et graviers at a depth of 42 above the Sables argileux, limoneux at a depth of 42-44but the Galets should be below the Sables argileux at depths of 44-44 top and base. In wells with both the Galets and the Sables argileux at the same depth with zero thickness, the order in the file is less of a problem.



Tom B

RockWare Inc


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Hi Mr. Tom. B.,

Thank you very much for your quick reply, it helps me a lot.

I sincerely thank you for your help,

Have a nice day,


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