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MINC for multiple continua, not necessarily fractures

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I am interested in dual porosity (or dual permeability) flow between two porous media. Using MINC, I can define the material properties of the "fractured" media to be whatever I want, even lower permeability than the matrix. This leads to me think that the "fractured" media is not necessarily composed  fractures, but can be any media. Is this correct? I only see MINC used for fracture flow in the literature, so I get the impression I'm in error. Thank you.

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MINC can be used to simulate nested media with different properties, not necessarily only fractures surrounding matrix blocks.

An example of that is the use of MINC described by Falta R.W. (2000). Numerical modeling of kinetic interphase mass transfer during air sparging. Water Resources Research, 36, 12, p. 3391-3400.



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