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3-D Modelling with p-data

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Hello Folks!

I have been doing a 3D model with p-data (borehole manager) and it works.

Now, I want to extract the conductivity part of the volume, but, I don't know how.

I tried with the tool "extract solid" from utilities, but did not work :(.


Any Ideas?


I think that I have a missing file or I need to do another grid.


Please help.




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Hi Hector,


I don't know what you mean by "extract the conductivity part of the volume". 


If you want to extract a subset of a model for calculating volumes, choose the Utilities Solid | Filters menu. Use the Range Filter to extract the portion of a model between 2 specified values.



Tom B

RockWare Inc



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Hi Tom

Thanks for your answer. I'm going to try.

With "extract the conductivity part of the volume" I mean the lowest values of p-data. In my case I'm using resistivity data, so, the lowest is the most conductivity part of the volume.


Thanks again.



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