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[OLD] Boiling

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From: Paul Foellbach

Subject: Boiling

Is there a possibility to model with GWB the process of boiling and phase separation between fluid and vapor ? Could I model with GWB a boiling hydrothermal fluid, that is depleted of the gases while boiling ?

From: Craig Bethke

Subject: Re: Boiling

You can use React to trace simple boiling models: the gas reservoir must be of sufficiently large size that boiling the fluid does not affect the gas composition. To run such a model, fix the fugacity of each gas in the gas phase and then remove H2O from the fluid. The program, however, can not model the more complicated case in which an increase in system volume (or decrease in pressure) causes a gas phase to form and grow. To my knowledge, the only geochemical model to do this well is Mark Reed's CHILLER program. He is at the University of Oregon, e-mail mhreed(at)oregon.uoregon.edu.

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