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Rockworks 16 - problem displaying all lithology

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I have a site that's ~ 1 km by 0.5 km, that was modelled in 2013, using Rockworks 15.  Over the last 3 years, more locations have been drilled and I now have to update the lithology model. I'm now using Rockworks 16.  The original node spacing was 6 (X & Y) and 0.25 for z.  With the new drilling, we have shallower locations, and more of them, to help delineate a layer called "Fines". The locations are still about 12m apart so I kept the 6 spacing but now have minimum lithology depths of 0.15m.  I set z to be 0.08.  I used Lithology blending and interpolate outliers options under the Lithology Model menu, as was used in 2013, and set the model to run.  It went for ~3 hours but failed to run to completion (I got an "out of memory" message).  So, I tried increasing my node spacing to 10 and back to 0.25 for z.  It ran to completion but when I run a lithology profile none of the Fines is showing up (assuming because the z space isn't small enough?). Then tried tightening up the spacing again and running the model again, twice.  The next attempt, after ~3 hours again,  I got "Invalid pointer operation", followed by "Access violation at address 0040F1D7 in module 'RockWorks16.exe'. Read of address 00000004" after a 3rd attempt.  I've downloaded the RW17 demo and have tried running the lithology model.  It runs to completion with the finer spacing but it's ~1 gig in size so not very manageable.  Also, when I run a profile, I'm still not getting any of the Fines to show up.  If I plot the striplogs, I have color and pattern for Fines, but no "background" color in a profile.


Any suggestion on how to get this to run, and be manageable, in Rockworks 16?  I need to be able to create cutouts in the model and run profiles and have all the lithology show.  I've tried to attach an example but just get an error message.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.






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Hi Mira,


It sounds like you may need to break your model into smaller pieces to provide the vertical resolution that you need to model the thin layers. You can divide the model in the X, Y, or Z direction by changing the Output Dimensions in RockWorks 16 and 17.


I suggest designing your smaller models to enclose the cross-sections that you would like to create, if possible. For example, if all the cross-sections run east-west, then divide the model so the sub-sites parallel the cross-sections.


RockWorks 17 has added a sub-site feature to let you have named sub-sites within the larger project area.


If you have further questions, please let me know.

Tom B

RockWare Inc

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