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Import for Single Text File Not Working

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I'm trying to import I-Text or even I-Data but the selection of the file does not actually open/scan the file, nothing happens.


I've tried all different file formats and delimiters (csv, txt, comma, tab, etc) but it makes no difference.  Nothing loads so no mapping can be done.


I'm using Windows 10 and RW17 with the latest update.

Before File Selected (Small).jpg

After File Selected (Small).jpg

Select Import (Small).jpg

Pressing OK (Small).jpg

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Subsequently realised/remembered with the straight text import it needs to be formatted as per the exported tabes, preceding table name etc.


HOWEVER the single table Excel import also has the same issue, no file is opened after selecting the file.  Had to install Excel to try this out but still same issue.  As an aside LibreOffice support would be great.


Got around this by manually copying and pastin 6000 lines of data into multiple borehole datasheets.  Is it possible to paste all into a single sheet somewhere with the borehole name?

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The Single table import was broken since the last build because of some internal changes to the program. We have a fix and we should be releasing this fixed version later today.

Sorry for any inconvenience. 

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