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I imported into my licensed Log Plot 8 program a composite log I created with LogPlot 7 under the trial version. Everything works fine, except that the "sample graphics"for the geophysical logs do not appear in the column headers. In legend design, I have the header linked to the LAS file and I have checked the "Plot Graphic" bottom. The sample graphic is visible in the design view, but it is blank/missing in the final/print view of the log.  Because I have problems importing all the LAS files that I want in Log Plot 8 (there will be a separate post  for that problem), I want to continue to use the template I successfully created in Log Plot 7 (almost). 



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Dear alihammad10,

You are welcome to send your design LDFX / LDFX8 and data file DAT / LDAT8 with your LAS file and we will take a look.

Sent them to support@rockware.com or upload to http://rockware.com/upload .


Tom B
RockWare Inc

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