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Drew Clemens

RW17 Index Legend

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I built a RW2D contour map with data types represented by 4 different symbols (RW17, Feb 2016 build). I built a symbol index table using the same point numbers & colors. When I insert the index legend, the legend is empty though I have selected the only symbol index table in the project (I am unable to deselect the color option, but the color table title is None).


Happy Holidays,

Drew Clemens, PG

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Hi Drew,

I cannot recreate this problem with either the Feb 2016 build or the current revision of RockWorks17.

You are welcome to send us your data and settings by selecting the Borehole Manager's File | Archive Database to Text to create a ZIP file. Please also drag your Rw2D map into the ZIP and email it to support at rockware.com.

Happy holidays to you as well!

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc

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