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I have made a large excel import file of 26+ borehole logs and imported them into my LogPlot software. So I now have 26+ unsaved Dat files. Is there an easy way to compile all of these logs with the same specific set of parameters and have them export or print to pdf all at once. I figured out how to compile all the logs at once, but then I have to painfully go through each one and export or print to PDF.

Also on another note, I noticed the PDF quality is better if I print the log instead of exporting. Is there a reason for that?

Finally, if I decide to print to PDF is there a way to set the logs margins in LogPlot, so my printed log is centered on the page?


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Hi Corey,

under the Data Edit / Log Menu you'll find a menu item, Compile All Logs. This option will compile all open data files with the same settings.

Provided that the Output Resolution is the same you should get the same quality when printing or exporting to PDF. However depending on the PDF driver you're using there may be more options that result in a nicer appearance.

Setting margins for printers is a bit more difficult since different page sizes and printers have set margins but it s something we'll add to our feature list for future versions.


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