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Export to Excel Problems


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I just got the demo version of LogPlot while I wait for my company to buy the full version. I noticed that I can not export to excel if I have an excel window opened. I get the error: Excel is not installed on this machine. I got the same error when doing an excel export with Rockworks. I fixed the Rockworks problem by just closing the Excel windows, but that didn't work with LogPlot. I had to open the Task Manager and end all background processes of excel. This caused another problem to arise. I got to the excel export dialog box asking what exactly I wanted to export to excel, but this dialog box alone creates an excel background process. My workaround was to leave the Task Manager open and delete all new background processes before clicking next on the dialog box.

Is this a bug or a safeguard to prevent demo users to export to excel?

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1. Yes, I am able to double-click on a csv file and it opens in Excel.

2. An Excel window was not created when I ran the script. It does create an excel background process.

I do believe my excel setup it not normal, but I'm surprised LogPlot cannot access it correctly.

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