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Filter solid with grid - lost G-values

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I am having trouble filtering a solid lithology model with a single grid. I am replacing G-values above the bounding grid with the null value -1e27. It appears that the solid model gets clipped correctly, but I lose my G-values in the resulting grid-filtered solid. If you look at the attached PDF, you will see that I am setting the color scheme to my lithology colorfill table, as correctly shown in the legend of the diagram, but the solid itself retains just a single G-value (appears to be a G-value of 1).

I must be making a simple mistake, but cannot figure out where. Any thoughts/advice appreciated.


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Isosurfaces function like contour "skins". By nature of the fact that you've set the minimum contour level to "1", the diagram is showing you all voxels with values 1 and greater, enclosed with the "1" value skin, which is set to red. If you insert a cutout into the isosurface (Edit | Add Cutout) then you can see inside the skin to the other colors (values) inside.

Instead, try using the other visualization method for solid models - Voxels. This type of display color-codes the visible voxels based on their value. The null voxels should still be hidden, and you can use the Voxel display options to filter low and/or high values from the display.

You might refer to these help topics:

Voxel displays: http://help.rockware.com/rockworks17/WebHelp/rp3d_data_sol_color.htm

Isosurface displays: http://help.rockware.com/rockworks17/WebHelp/rp3d_data_iso_color.htm

Hope this helps!

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc.

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