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How to input the cropping out of the different geological layers


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I want to in clude in my model the information of a geological map. This means I want to tell my modell where , and which layer is cropping out at the surface.

Do I have to include this in any grid or is there another possibility?

My input data will be from a geological map in gis (shapefile).

Thank you very much


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Hey Tom,

thanks for the answer. I am using the Borehole Manager to create my Solid Stratigraphy Model.

I am not quite sure how to import the surface outcrops as boreholes.

I have the borders of my stratigraphic layers from a geological map. So at the border I created boreholes of the two stratgraphic layers with a depth of 1 m. But it seems that there is no impact. My Model dimensions might be to coarse for the imput?

If I extend the borehole data to 20 m, there is an impact, but this is not true.

Or is there a better way?

Thank you


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