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Requirements for lithological section

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Hello all

i am a new member. i have some excel format borehole data such as location, lithology and depth of boreholes. i want to construct subsurface lithology of the entire area. i want to know the basic steps for making this.

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Hi Parvathy,

To create a surface lithology model, import the lithology data from Excel into the RockWorks borehole manager. Choose the Lithology | Model menu command to create the lithology model. In the Additional Options section of the Lithologic Modeling Options dialog box, enable the Superface option and specify Automatic to use the elevations from the boreholes as a truncation filter or a ground DEM in the RockWorks RwGrd format at the same resolution and extents as those stated in the Project Dimensions to truncate the model at the ground surface.

Refer to the RockWorks Help for additional information.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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