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A new version of RockWorks17 was uploaded to the RockWare website today, with the following improvements and bug fixes:

+ New feature for the Grids -> Solid Model program: assign nodes between surfaces the value stored in an existing grid model. Great for applying concentration data from a grid model to a solid model.

+ New feature for the Imagery | Rectify program: Use the NW, NE, and SE project corners as the calibration points. This eliminates the cumbersome step of typing or copy/pasting these coordinates into the menu.

+ New features for the Borehole Manager Types tables (Lithotypes, Stratatypes, Aquifertypes, etc.): Automatically delete unused and turned off rows. This is very useful for cleaning up these tables after importing from another project, from LogPlot, etc.

+ Another fix to a problem renaming layers in RockPlot2D

+ When creating a SQLite project based on a SQL Server project, the Data Dictionary is now created and the data copied from the original project correctly.

+ much more

To download this build, use the Help | Check for Updates menu inside RockWorks17. Or visit the demo download page: https://www.rockware.com/product/productDemo.php?id=165

Note that you will not be able to use this new build of the program if your maintenance has expired. Contact RockWare Sales if you would like to update your maintenance.

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc

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