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Volume Modeling using 3D Striplogs

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I am attempting to model Silver Chloride Injections at defined intervals in several wells. I would like to know if it is possible to model the injection volumes using cylinders in the 3D striplogs menu, but have the cylinder sizes be proportional to the volume of the injection at each interval. Assuming the porosity is 20%, the distance from the borehole (i.e radius of the cylinder) will range between 6 and 13 feet for most injection intervals. I am able to model the injections, with various sizes of discs per interval, but is there a way to adjust the radius to be roughly within these limits? This may not be possible, but before I proceed I would like to know for sure.

Also, I noticed that some intervals that are supposed to have values (per the I-Data table), but are showing up with no disc around them, which makes them look like there is no value.

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Hi JoshM,

If you enter the volume values in the I-Data table, RockWorks will make the radius of the cylinders proportional to those values.

I have not received any reports of missing discs. You are welcome to upload a backup of your project to rockware.com/upload and include a description of the steps we need to perform to duplicate the problem.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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