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Appending aquifer x-section to lith section - well screens not plotting

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Hi, I've got a lith section and a corresponding aquifer section that I am appending. In the lith section, I've plotted well construction data with a strip log depicting casing and screen intervals (with a pattern depicting the screen). In the aquifer section, I've plotted aquifer data for some of the wells, with a strip log depicting the water level.

When I append the water level data, the well screen pattern disappears. so two questions:

1. what is happening and how can I show the screen as well as the aquifer data?

2. when two sections are appended, do the strip logs become joined or overwritten in some way?


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Hi Jeremy,

Bear in mind that appending files in RockPlot2D is literally adding the graphic contents of Rw2D file "b" onto the end of file "a". If you have striplogs in both files, it may be that the aquifer section logs are covering up the lith section logs. Try selecting one of the water level logs and use your arrow key to nudge it to the left or right, to see if the other log is underneath.

It may be better to plot the complete striplogs (well construction, screen intervals, and water level symbols) on one of the sections, and no logs on the other, so that the Append process does not cause overlays. (You could also plot the logs themselves as a separate section via the Striplogs menu, then append all three...)

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc

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