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Stratigraphic modelling with a river channel

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I'm building a model for a site along the banks of a river. I've created a ground surface topo grid with the river channel simulated with dummy bore locations representing the river bathymetry.

I'm now completing the stratigraphy modelling with 4 layers, bounded by the topo grid. I've dialled in the strat model so that it represents my conceptualisation of the geology well, but Layer 1 (the top layer) appears to be draping over the strat model, which is wrong.

Layer 1 is a fill layer that represents the built up ground to the river bank. Layer 2 is overbank deposits while layer 3 is channel fill. Layer 4 is underlying bedrock. Because the river should be cross-cutting through the layers, I would like to limit the extent of Layer 1 to the river bank, but I cannot do it.

Anyone have a tip on how to do this? I will have to do the same thing with the groundwater surface.



Strat Model 01.jpg


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Hi Jeremy,

RockWorks uses RwGrd files to represent the top and bottom of each layer, regardless of thickness. If you use the Hide Thin Zones option when drawing the the 3D diagram, the places where the top and bottom of a layer are coincident (zero thickness) will not be drawn.

Another option is to use Polygon Clipping to replace the values for the top and bottom grid file with the RockWorks NULL value (-1e27). Draw the polygon on a 2D base map or contour map, right-click to save the polygon to a Polygon Table, then clip the top and bottom grids separately with the Utilities Grid | Filters | Polygon Clip menu command.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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