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USCS Lithology Patterns - missing rw_pat file

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I've attempted to direct my lithology patterns for a project to the USCS lith patterns as per another thread. I've directed the system tables to the location of the pattern, but now I cannot find the original rw_pat.pat file in the system folder. I did not overwrite the USCS pat folder (I placed it in the project folder). What have I done, and how do I fix it??



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Hi Jeremy,

The format for the RockWorks pattern file changed starting in RockWorks16 and continuing in RockWorks17, from a file with a ".pat" extension to ".rwpat". Among other things, the new patterns can have fills, shapes, etc. (RockWorks15 and LogPlot7 use ".pat" files.)

The default pattern file for RockWorks17 and RW17 is "RockUtil.rwpat", in the C:\ProgramData\RockWare folder. You can tell which pattern file RockWorks is currently using by:

1. Expanding the System Tables heading in the RockWorks Project Manager (the pane along the left side of the main RockWorks program window).

2. Hovering over the fist item, "Patterns", and the full path to the current library will be displayed.

If you want to select a different RWPAT file as default, right-click on the "Patterns" item, choose Select Pattern Table Location, and browse for the ".rwpat" file to be the default library.

If you want to import a set of pattern designs from a ".pat" file, you can do so within the Select Pattern window:

1. Double-click on the "Patterns" item in the Project Manager, to bring up the Select Patterns window.

2. Click the File button and select Import | All. (This process will create a new, blank pattern library and import the old format designs.)

3. Browse for the name of the older ".pat" file with the designs you wish to import.

4. Specify a name for the new ".rwpat" file to be created.

5. The Select Pattern window should now display the designs from the .pat file, now in the new format.

Hope this helps.

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc

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