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Rendering issues when zooming into 3-D model

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I noticed that there is an issue with the rendering freezing if a 3-D model is zoomed into too far. Sometimes, after several minutes, the rendering process will continue on it's own. Other times the software must be restarted in order for the issue to be resolved. I am just wondering if this is a common issue that other people are having or have had? If so, is there a setting that can be changed with the rendering speeds?

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Hi Josh,

I can duplicate the problem with an air photo draped over a grid in 3D when I zoom in past 332526%. The program memory usage goes up to 9.5 GB of RAM, so the rendering slows down when memory is swapped out to the hard disk. It looks like the entire image has to be rendered before it can be clipped to the window.

Programming will probably resolve this in the future by limiting how far you can zoom in.


Tom B

RockWare Inc.

<< my ref: %rw17%\DrapedImage.Rw3D >>

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