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Zhou Lang

How to define the tortuosity in TOUGH/PetraSim

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Hi. I am confused by the concept of the tortuosity. I found it was defined as is the ratio of the average length of the flow paths through the medium to the straight-line length across the medium (greater than unit) in some papers; sometimes it's defined as the inverse of the above definition (less than unit); another literature defined the tortuosity coefficient as the square of the inverse of that ratio and it's sometimes defined as the diffusion coefficient of diffusing species in a porous medium, De, relative to its value in free fluid, D0.

I was wondering what its definition in TOUGH/PetraSim. Thank you!

Best regards,


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Dear Lang,

Unfortunately, I don't know the answer to this question. My guess is that it is the ratio of the diffusivity in the free space to the diffusivity in the porous medium, but you may want to ask the authors of TOUGH2 this question on the LBNL TOUGH2 forum.

Best Regards,

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