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I-Data model building taking a long time to process

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I am trying to build an I-Data model and have been tweaking some settings, but the process is taking way too long. Each time I go back and make a tweak to my settings (e.g. changing the solid modeling options), the process takes over 20 minutes to complete and uses 100% of my computer's cpu resources. I have filtered my boreholes to only those that I-Data (84 total) and there are over 54,000 sampling points between all the boreholes. Is this an excessive amount of sampling intervals? Is there any way that I can speed up the processing time?

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I suspect that the problem is your model spacing. Try increasing the spacing of the nodes. Fewer nodes will process much faster. Once you have the settings you want you can decrease the node spacing though we find that people tend to set a higher resolution than they really need. A model that's 100x100x100 may not seem that big but it is 1,000,000,000 nodes.

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