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Onlap not working in 3D model

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I am trying to create a surface that lies between the top (ground) surface and a surface below the ground. In other words, the surface I'm trying to model is the 2nd from the top of a total of 3 layers. I want to layer's top to be the base of the ground surface and the bottom of the layer needs to be the same as the top of the underlying layer. I am able to match the layer's top to match the ground topography by using the "Constrain" tool. However, I the layer is bleeding through the layer beneath it and the "on-lap" tool doesn't seems to not be working correctly. Is there another way to create a layer that is sandwiched exactly between the two layers above and below it? I've attached project files for reference. I want the "Upland Unit" layer to be perfectly sandwiched between the "Tobacco Road" layer and the "Surface_lildar4_5m" layer. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Your files were not attached. Please send them to tech@rockware.com and I'll take a look at what you have.


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