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Contouring issues in p-data model

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I am trying to model some subsurface walls that are being treated as Faults in my 3D model. However, I noticed that the "Faults" are not affecting the shape and extent of the plume. My plume looks the same whether or not I choose "Faulted" from the "Additional Options" menu in the Solid Modeling Options wizard. Also, my plume is not very smooth and has a streaking effect. I'd like to make it look smoother. I've tried using several different Modeling Algorithms and settings within each algorithm, but not looking any better. Could this be because I am using p-data model? The plume also extends to areas with no control points, even if I set the lower iso-level value to just above zero. I've uploaded my project to the Rockworks uploads for reference.

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Hi Josh,

  • I did not get any fault files with your upload, so you may want to send the fault files that you are using so I can attempt to duplicate the problem.
  • The streaks are probably caused by the model being interpolated to the edges of the project. You may want to specify a horizontal cutoff to restrict the model within a closer proximity of the data. A polygon clip could also be used to truncate the model outside the polygon.
  • Since there is only one data value for each borehole, you may want to use a contour map to show the data in 2D, or truncate the data in 3D with an upper and lower surface.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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