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This Program Requires at least 3 data points

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I am trying to build 3D structural elevations and a 3D model from my Stratigraphic layers. I keep getting the error that "This program requires at least 3 data points". I have way more than 3 data points for each individual layer and I've played with the settings in the gridding options. I can't seem to figure out what's causing the issue. Any ideas?

Thank you

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This is a common issue when you have some kind of filter on that you may not be aware of. There is some setting that is hiding or removing your data. It could be a coordinate system mismatch too. Check all your system settings and filters and see if you can find it. if not send your data file and the menu settings for the program to [email protected] You can save the menu settings as an .rcl file by clicking on the upper left hammer and wrench icon and save the rcl.

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Hi JoshM,

This message usually means that there are not enough points for one of the stratigraphic tops or bases to generate its grid model as it builds the stratigraphic model for the project. Without knowing more about your data, your settings, and which version of RockWorks you are using, it's difficult to guess.. but here are some general suggestions:

You might watch the program status window as it's interpolating the grid models to see which unit is triggering the error.

You can also open Windows Explorer to watch the RwGrd files being saved in your project folder, to determine how far it is getting.

You can use the File | Transfer | Stratigraphy -> Utilities Datasheet to get a quick overall view of which units have very few -versus- lots of downhole records.

You can turn off the Show in Legend checkmark in the Stratigraphy Types table for selected units, set the Stratigraphy Types to be Included to only those so flagged in the modeling settings, and then see when the model is/is not created. That might help isolate the culprit.

Or, easiest - use the File | Archive Database to Text and email the resulting zip file to us (support at rockware.com) and we'll be happy to take a look.

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc

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