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RW16: sort 3d lithology legend by g-value?

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I've run 3d striplogs showing lithology. My lithology has about 20 entries with different patterns but the background color has been set to represent 3 different zones. I've set the g-values to sort by color (so all "brown" is first, then all "yellow", followed by all "blue"). This works fine if I run 2d striplogs - I can set the legend to sort by g-value. I can't seem to find the same option when running the 3d striplog. Is there a setting somewhere to sort by g-value for 3d legends?



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Hi Mira,

Yes. Once the scene is displayed in RockPlot3D, with the Lithology legend included, expand the Tables heading in the data tree to the left of the scene. Double-click on the Lithology item and there select Sort On - G-Values and click the Sort button. You should see the materials in this table re-sorted by G value rather than by name. Once you click the OK button, the legend in the scene will be updated with the new sort order.

Hope this helps

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc

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