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Dear Tom

I am new at RW 16. I am trying to Plot a stratigraphic section. The PDF version of location and Stratigraphy files are attached herewith. RW is plotting the section but the section is very flat and one could hardly distinguish different stratigraphic layers. I am unable to understand why the section is not getting plotted properly. I am a researcher and would like to make a section for my thesis. could you possibly help me. Thanking you.

with regards

Manoj Shrivastava



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Hi Manoj,

As Rudy says, change the vertical exaggeration for your cross-section in the RockPlot2D window, or in the Intended Vertical Exaggeration setting in the menu for Perimeter Annotation Options.

I could not parse your PDF files and have the columns line up correctly in Excel. In the future, it would be more helpful to use an Excel file or a tab-delimited text file, or upload a backup of your project here or at http://rockware.com/upload/ .


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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