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I am working through the tutorial data that comes with Rockworks 17 and trying to incorporate 3D faults into my block model. I am able to use the tutorial data fault datasheets to create 3D fault files just fine. However, I want to create a fault that begins well below the surface elevation, so I've changed one of the datasheet file's z value column to a lower elevation, but one still within the project dimensions. The fault file is being created and I can view the 3D ribbon, but whenever I enable the faulted feature in the stratigraphy model, nothing happens. How do I make a fault that starts underneath the ground surface?

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Hi Josh M,

3D Fault Files sound like a good way to model subsurface walls with different depths. Are you able to append your fault ribbon Rw3D file with your Stratigraphy model Rw3D file? If not, then the fault file may have a different coordinate system due to the coordinate system not being set in the Utilities datasheet. RockWorks treats the datasheet as data being imported into the project, and it may be doing a coordinate conversion if you have not set the coordinate system on the right side of the sheet to the same system as your project.
Are you able to display a 2D contour map of your Stratigraphy grid files? Differences that are not apparent on a 3D display will stand out when you make a 2D contour map.
If these procedures do not resolve the problem, you are welcome to send a backup ZIP of your project with your data and fault ribbon files and I'll take a look.
Tom B
RockWare Inc

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