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Jaeshik Chung

Limit on numbers of restats in a row

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Hi, I am trying to run 10 years of simulation with 10 different annual boundary conditions using 10 different 1-year simulation with restart option.

It works fine until 9th year, but when I tried to run 10th year with 9th year’s ‘SAVE’ and ‘savechem’ data, it failed with the message, “Simulation Halted Prematurely”.

What is weird is, I can still run 10th year simulation using 8th year’s ‘SAVE’ file and 9th year’s ‘savechem’ file, but the result starts from year 8 to year 10. (Even though I set start and end time from 9 to 10 year).

Can I regard this data as year 10 simulation? Because I believe ‘SAVE’ deals with flow and ‘savechem’ deals with chemical condition there (flow is already in steady-state).

So, is there a limit of numbers of sequential run in a row?

Thank you.

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I reviewed the SAVE files and found that this is a problem with restarting a TOUGHREACT model where the number of times steps has exceeded 99,999. The number of time steps is listed at the bottom of the SAVE file. For models with more than 99,999 time steps, the files lists a series of * symbols, as there are only 5 spaces allowed to store this information. Changing this to an actual number such as 00001 resolves the problem and the model will run correctly.


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