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I need to copy some specific information from one RW16 project to another. For example, I need to know an easy way to transfer new P-data that has been entered into one Project for 59 different wells into another Project which contains the same wells. Also, I need to know how to do the same with stratigraphy and lithology data.

I have tried transferring p-data to a text file and then opening it in Excel to later import the Excel file to the p-data table (which worked) but would like to know if there is a simpler way of doing it. Also regarding the stratigraphy data I tried transferring it to the Utilities Datasheet to then save the rwdat file and open it up in another Project. However when I tried to transfer that new information from the Utilities Datasheet to the Borehole manager in my second Project it didn’t transfer anything. Soon I will need to do the same with some lithology data also.

I would really like to avoid having to input all of the information again when I transfer data from one Project to another.


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Hi Edward,

(I moved this posting from Open Discussions to RockWorks.)

I think the easiest way to copy data between two existing projects is via Excel.

1. Open Project A.

2. Enable the holes whose data you wish to export (if applicable).

3. Select the Borehole Manager's File | Export | Multiple Tables | Excel menu option.

4. Define the output file name.

- Choose the specific tables whose data are to be exported. For example, choose P-Data, Lithology, and Stratigraphy. NOTE that if all of the boreholes already exist in the "receiving" project you don't need to export the location information.

- Select whether you want to export for the current hole, the enabled holes, or all holes.

- Click OK and RockWorks should list the selected tables for the selected holes in Excel worksheets.

5. Open Project B.

6. Select the Borehole manager's File | Import | Excel | Multiple Tables menu option.

7. Click YES to make a backup of your database. Always a good idea.

8. Browse for the Excel file name created in #4 above.

9. The table names should map automatically, check to be sure.

10. In the last tab, BE SURE to tell the program to Update Existing Record. You might want to refer to the Help messages regarding the assumptions which are made for Updating records.

Note that when you create a new project, you can request that its database be created using information from an existing project. You can choose from database layout only, types tables, selected data, all data. This can make copying projects quite easy.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have additional questions.

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc

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