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A new version of RockWorks17 was uploaded to the RockWare website today, with the following new features, improvements, and bug fixes:

New Features:

+ Stratigraphy Modeling - Underlap builds models from upperlayers downward (the opposite of Onlap)

+ Overlays - Include up to 5 RockPlot2D diagrams as layers in your new maps (Grid-based maps, EZ maps, borehole location maps, borehole manager structure maps, plan maps

+ Create List of Logs - Programs that include 2D striplogs (e.g. profiles, sections) can output a list of the boreholes included in the diagram.

+ Stiff Diagram Maps - Scale the Stiff polygons based on TDS

+ Stiff Diagrams - Add a symbol key to Stiff diagrams

+ Correlate Grids - New program for automatically comparing grid models representing different measurements ("apples v oranges") to show anomalies

+ Utilities Datasheets - Flexible and powerful Find-and-Replace program

+ Utilities Datasheets - Left/center/right-justify columns, and add a margin for readability

+ Utilities Solid | Convert | Solid -> Grid, redesigned window and new converters: Median, most frequently occurring G-value, number of non-null voxels, Number of null voxels, standard deviation

+ EarthApps - New Descent From Space option for advanced circular flyovers


+ Stratigraphy Modeling - Improved logic for replacing uppermost unit with an external grid when the top unit has been disabled

+ Quickmap - missing background image or worldfile automatically disables that layer

+ GeoBody Filter - small geobody threshold based on percent volume, report includes percent volume calculation, no longer displays small disconnected geobodies.

+ Piper Diagram - redesigned options window

+ 2D Color Legends - use negative X and/or Y offsets to plot the legend within the map

+ Stratigraphy modeling - redesigned menu

+ Stripmaps - redesigned menu

+ Histograms - redesigned menus

+ Stiff diagrams - redesigned menus

+ Help menu - redesigned for easier access, including video links

Bug Fixes:

+ Raster image calibration window

+ Edit as Datasheet pointer error

+ RockPlot3D Zip all Linked Files warning if the file path is longer than Windows allows

To download this build, use the Help | Check for Updates menu inside RockWorks17. Or visit the demo download page: https://www.rockware.com/product/productDemo.php?id=165

Note that you will not be able to use this new build of the program if your maintenance has expired. Contact RockWare Sales to update your maintenance.

Bon apetit!

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc

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