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hello- I have 300 lithogeochemical samples (Not Boreholes) and I want plot a lithology 2D plan using Patterns i.e a map that each pattern represent one rocktype and display lithology distribute in my exploration area.please tell full steps for this map.

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Maybe you could treat each sample point as a separate borehole as rudyaboo suggests and assign a different borehole symbol to represent the different types of information that you want to map. I would also consider trying to do it from within Utilities by and then creating a point map. That way you could create different columns with different colors / symbols for representing the points depending upon that characteristic that you want to map. There is a little more versatility working with the information from within Utilities depending upon what you really want to display. Also, you cold make various point maps with the different types of information and then append the different maps into one (remember to name each one with something meaningful rather than just "point") so that you can turn on and off the layers once you have done the append process.

Hope this can help you out.

I would like to know you end up creating your map once you decide upon the best method.

Best Regards,


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