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Strip map width (includes distant collars)

David Young

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I would like to make my strip map narrower in order for it to fit above my profile. It is expanding to too great of a width when I have inclined holes that are no where near parallel to the profile axis. For some profiles, the strip map is wider than the profile on the plot. I see no way to truncate those parts of the criss-crossing drill hole traces which lay outside of the desired strip map (swath) width.

Time to abandon the strip map?

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Hi David,

I think that you could resolve the problem of strip map width by adjusting the width from within the 2D Striplog manager. That is if I understand correctly the problem that you are experiencing. If on the other hand it is the borehole location map that RW generates when you make a profile that is giving you trouble a possible solution could be using the crop tool to select only the area of the location map that you want to include.

Hope this helps.


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Hi David,

I recreated the problem, as shown in the attachment below. Click and drag in to create a selection rectangle to select portions of well trace, then press Delete to delete the borehole trace.


Strip map is too wide because it includes the entire trace of non-vertical boreholes.


Delete a portion of the borehole trace by selecting it with a selection rectangle and pressing Delete.

Edward's idea may be even easier.

  • Choose the Utilities | Clip With Mouse menu command in the Striplog Profile tab
  • Click and drag a selection rectangle to copy the clipped area to a new RockPlot2D window.
  • Delete the Strip Map from the original window.
  • Copy the clipped map to from the new window to the original window.
  • Drag the clipped map to the desired location,


Tom B

RockWare Inc



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