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water level data import failure, from Excel (in RW16)


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I'm trying to import a standard Rockworks formatted Excel file, which has many tabs and includes a tab for water levels (tab is called Aquifer). I get the following error message:

"Aquifer data line 1:

Parameter object is improperly defined. Inconsistent or incomplete information was provided"

The Aquifer tab has columns like this:

Bore Date Depth1 Depth2 Aquifer

1-OBG-5A 21-SEP-2015 37.48 37.49 2

1-0BG-5 21-SEP-2015 34.45 34.46 1G

12-01A 21-SEP-2015 36.76 36.77 3

and continues for many more lines.....

We really only have one depth for the water, but have "faked" a Depth2 thinking there had to be information in all columns. Can anyone see an obvious problem with my file? Do the cells in Excel have to be a particular format (e.g. Bore must be "text", Date must have a particular date format, Depth1/2 must be "number", etc.?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Thanks for your question. The only thing that comes to mind immediately is whether or not you have the aquifer names in the aquifer types table. If they aren't in the types table, then RockWorks can't make the association it needs to in the database. Here is the aquifer types table for the Samples project.



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Thanks, Brian. I didn't have the Aquifer Types table defined in Rockworks before importing, so I did that. I'm still getting the same error message though. I even added "Aquifer" to the Aquifer names in my Excel file, in case that was the "improperly defined, inconsistent or incomplete info" it's warning me about. By any chance is there a limit to the number of samples that can be brought in at one time? I have 152 sampling locations with water level data that I want to use to model the Aquifers. In my "locations" tab, though, I have 229 sampling locations (not all locations have water level data associated with them). Could that be the problem? My Locations tab doesn't exactly match my Aquifer tab?

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Hi Mira,

Another item to check is the date format. RockWorks will assume that the dates comply with the "expected" format as defined in your Windows Control Panel. If Windows is set up with a date format of "21/09/2015" for example, then an entry of "21-SEP-2015" may not be recognized.

You are welcome to email your spreadsheet to us, at support at rockware.com, being sure to include the Windows Regional Settings date format so that we can try to create your system.

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc.

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