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Jaeshik Chung

Iinjection rate and resulting water velocity

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HI I made a simple 1-D horizontal aquifer with injection cell at the left end and found out the fluid velocity was exactly proportional to the injection rate (If I double the rate, velocity also doubled)

However, when I expand this model into 2-D (by piling up the above 1-D models, which makes x-z plane. To make the horizontal flow dominant, permeability in z direction was set as three order less than the one in x direction) and extend to 1 Km, it isn't linearly proportional any more. (the velocity remains same even after I increased the injection rate at the left end cells 10 times higher, from 0.001 kg/s to 0.01 kg/s)

Additionally, the solute seemed to be more sensitive to this change (still not linear though)

Is there a possible (information) loss between cells if it gets too long? (I used 1m of delta x in both cases)

Thank you :)

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I would not expect the velocity be exactly proportional in a 2D model but I would still expect it to increase with increased pumping. If you want to send me your SIM file, I'll take a quick look and let you know if I see anything strange.



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