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i am creating mesh in petrasim using the polygonal method on an area of 30 x 24 km. i have around 50 wells towards the center and would like to achieve cells 10,000 m 2 around wells and 500,000 m 2 at the margins. when i try this i only achieve 738,808 m 2 near wells and 786,358 m 2 at the margins. is there a better way of achieving this ?.

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It would be helpful if we could take a look at your model - our tests show that the meshing tools get fairly close to the specified areas. For example I entered a value of 500 meters squared and the area of the cell intersecting the well was between 600 and 700. You can send your SIM file to Alison @ rockware.com.

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After looking at the user's SIM file we realized that the program wasn't acting as expected because the wells in the SIM file were non-vertical. The program typically ignores non-vertical wells during meshing unless they are close to vertical within a threshold. The tolerance can be imagined as a vertical cylinder with the center axis going through the top point of the well. The cross-sectional area of the cylinder is the "Max area near wells" input.

The solution is to use the option to add additional refinement points during mesh generation.


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