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Megan R

Cross-Section with 3D Lithology and Stratigraphy

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I was wondering if plotting a cross-section showing extrapolated lithology and stratigraphy is possible? My stratigraphy is actually a layer of LNAPL, so it's a thin layer.

Ultimately I'd like to show a x-section with:

- 3D projected Lithology

- 3D projected Stratgraphy (LNAPL)

- Well construction

- Groundwater elevation

Also I am unable to upload photos to this post to illustrate what I mean and I'm curious why I can't?



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Hi Megan,

You can create separate cross-sections for extrapolated lithology and stratigraphy from the Lithology | Section and Stratigraphy | Section menu command and append them together on one plot.

The RockWorks forum will allow you to attach images to a post, but will not allow references to files external to the rockware.com server.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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