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Edward Hakanson

Difference in calculated values in Exported data and Borehole Survey data

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I have noticed that when I export stratigraphy data to Excel via Bulk Export I get slightly different values for unit top and base elevations when compared to the calculations done in the borehole survey. Why might this be?

Note: The difference is greater as the distance between surveys increases and is especially off with the total depth of the well (9 meters off).

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Hi Edward,

I cannot recreate this problem - the TD for my deviated holes are reported the same via the Excel export (with "include XYZ" activated) as in the Survey XYZ report.

Note that the Striplogs | Borehole Survey program will report the XYZ points based on the increment or resolution settings you select. Unless your stratigraphic units correspond to those depth increments, it may be difficult to compare the Excel listing (Strat tops and bases only) with the regular intervals produced by the Survey report.

If you continue to have problems with this, please File | Archive Database to Text and email the resulting ZIP file to support at rockware.com, being sure to specify which hole(s) are the most problematic.


Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc

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