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Edward Hakanson

Writing from borehole survey to utilities datasheet

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I am having a problem that didn´t occur previouosly. With Rockware 16, Level 5

I am copying data from the borehole survey screen to the utilities data sheet so that I can use the EasyMap tool to plot some points of interest. I know that I could do this point by point from within the borehole survey tool but my need is to plot various points so that is why I copy them into the Utilities datasheet to plot them using EasyMap, however the X and Y coordinates get all messed up (the z coordinates are alright). I have done scan datasheet and it shows the coordinates are way off. It seems as though maybe somewhere in the program the actual coordiinates in the table may be being multiplied by some factor or something. Can you help me with this?

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Hi Edward,

I cannot recreate this problem, so I think RockWorks may be converting the coordinates during mapping.

Please expand the Additional File Information pane along the right side of the Utilities datasheet and be sure that the UTM Zone is correctly defined for the XY coordinates which are listed there. Note that regardless of your input data coordinates and units, RockWorks will always output maps (and models) using the coordinate system and units defined for your "Output (Model) Dimensions" at the bottom of the program window (RW16).

If you continue to have problems with RockWorks converting the XY numbers, please email our support box (support at rockware.com) with your RwDat file, your Output Dimensions and coordinate units.


Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc

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