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Low on resources

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Good morning,

suddenly I start to have this message "Low on resources. Reducing the number of color to display" every time I try to produce a log.

I am using the same configuration, same amount of data, resolution set at 300 dpi, I had no problems till Friday after lunch, then I started to get the messages, without change any settings on my PC (brand new HP ProBook).


Any suggestions?

Best regards,


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Hi Christian,

a couple of things come to mind. First I suspect you're using a large output page size. Since LogPlot has to allocate a large enough bitmap to duplicate the page on the screen this can cause problems. If your final output (printer, pdf) can be divided into smaller pages this will help reduce the resource requirements. Have you tried using another LogDesign (one of our samples) and seeing if the problem still occurs?

Second, many new computers have very high resolution displays compared to older computers. Reducing the screen resolution may help.

If you are continuing to have problems please send your LogDesign (.ldfx) to [email protected] so that we can look into your problem.

Thank you,

Mitch Wolberg

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