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Classifying and Transforming P-data to colours

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I wondered if anyone had attempted to classify and transform P-data into colours? I have looked for a method or an easy workaround and have failed, so would be grateful for advice.

Why would I want to do this? Take a look at these web pages:​


http://www.cwls.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/insite_2005_12.pdf (Article by Hall)

I have looked at a number of options in RW16/17 and have come across some apparently limiting factors:

1. You are able to covert P-Data-> Lithology by first constructing a lithology predictor from two P-data logs provided you know what the original lithologies are; then you can apply the predictor to other wells containing the same P-data types. Obviously this doesn't help if you just want to classify data combinations or have a lithology predicted by more than two P-data types.

2. Colours in RW16/17 are not specified directly as RGB although there is a facility to convert individual colours to Munsell.

3. You can perform a number of arithmetic operations on P-data in columns (make ratios etc ) which is helpful but you cannot perform logical operations which might allow classification. However you can perform these operations on the data outside RW16/17 and then re-import. The problem then is that I cannot find a way of transforming P-values directly into colour and displaying them as a pseudo-lithology log.

I hope someone can think of a workaround. Thanks.

David Campbell

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Hi David,

It looks like the COLORLITH method takes 3 data components, normalizes them to the 0-255 range, and combines them to make an RGB color. RockWorks stores a color as a single Red-Green-Blue decimal value that is calculated as R + (G * 256) + (B * 256^2). You can do the calculations manually in Excel, convert the point data to interval data with a top and base depth, and import to a Colors table in RockWorks with File | Import | Excel | Multiple Tables.

In addition, the RockWorks Utilities datasheet has functions to Normalize a data column (Statistics | Normalize) and to convert individual R, G, and B columns to a color value (Column | Convert | RGB to Color).


Tom B

RockWare Inc

-corrected RGB formula. TB 011916-1217.

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