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Megan R

Modeling NAPLs

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I have been following the instructions for "Modeling NAPLs using Solid and Surface Models in RockWorks" under the Case Studies | Enviro/geotechnical section. I am still having problems displaying my clipped model. I am using RockWorks 17 which looks slightly different than the original case study. Is there an error in what I'm choosing as options?

I have tried all the different methods and seem to always have the same problem with the clipping not working correctly.




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As it turns out your product thickness was too small to show up with the z-spacing you were using. You need to decrease your model z-spacing to correspond to the minimum thickness you want to show. Because it's so small and you are limited to 2500 nodes in Z space, you will need to repeat the process described in the case study over several horizons in the model. So make your first model from Top elevation to 1m below, then make the next one a meter of thickness below that, etc. Once you do this, you can append the results together to reconstruct the entire product blob.


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