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Error Message- Cannot create file ""....

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I keep getting the attached error message when I try to create 3D lithology models and cross sections.

All my projects are generally set up the same and I have never seen this message before.

I browsed through my project to see if find could find any characters that would cause this issue but I didn't see anything suspicious.

I may just need an experienced set of eyes to glance at my project.

I sent my project to [email protected] already.

Error Message.pdf

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Hi Raechel,

The error is caused by the Lithology Model Option to filter with a Superface grid that is automatically generated from the Elevation values on the Location table for each borehole. All the borehole elevations are identical, so no grid is created.

In the bug report below, read up from the bottom to see the sequence of the Lithology model being created, and the limiting grid resulting in a flat surface. Flat grid files are typically not saved in RockWorks because you can't draw contours on a flat surface. I will forward your report to programming so RockWorks can handle this situation better in the future.

To resolve the problem, turn off the option under Lithology | Model | Create New Model | Modeling Options | Superface. Remove the checkmark from the Superface option.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

exception class    : EFCreateError
exception message  : Cannot create file "". The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.

main thread ($26e4):
005d79ff +014f RockWorks17.exe System.Classes                  TFileStream.Create
005d783e +004e RockWorks17.exe System.Classes                  TFileStream.Create
01738c23 +0023 RockWorks17.exe OTextReadWrite       1323    +1 TOTextWriter.InitFile
017470f2 +0012 RockWorks17.exe OXmlReadWrite        2555    +1 TXMLWriter.InitFile
017d3149 +0119 RockWorks17.exe GridCore             2824    +4 TRW_Grid.Save
019f4ab6 +00d6 RockWorks17.exe MakeGrid              962    +6 Flat_Surface
019f4fd6 +0476 RockWorks17.exe MakeGrid             1069   +89 create_conventional_grid
019f65bc +021c RockWorks17.exe MakeGrid             1405   +47 Create_Grid_Model
019f9d6a +01ba RockWorks17.exe AutoGrid               95   +41 create_limiting_grid
01a2089e +03de RockWorks17.exe SolidM               3234   +74 TModeler.Interpolate_Block_Model
01a22e67 +01b7 RockWorks17.exe SolidM               3806   +42 Create_Block_Model
01a323a1 +0201 RockWorks17.exe Engine2              2466   +25 e2_object.Get_Lith_Solid

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