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Bug report - Ancestor for 'pnlDirectory' not found

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If you have the RockWorks 16 build 2015.12.9 or RockWorks 17 build 2015.10.15 installed, you may see this error displayed when you check for updates when you launch RockWorks:



Ancestor for pnlDirectory not found



This simply means that the program has detected a new version on our website (which we posted today) and there may be a problem with the window which displays the new-update message. This problem pertains to the check-for-updates window only and does not affect the rest of the program.




You can manually download and install the RockWorks update by following these steps:




1. Click on the following link:



RockWorks 17, 16 - Current and Archived Versions:



2. Save the installation program to your computer.


3. When the download is complete, run the installation. Do not uninstall the existing program first.


4. When the installation is complete, launch RockWorks.





Note that because the bug is with the auto-updater, you'll need to manually download this build. The auto-updater should work for future updates. Let us know if you have any questions about this.




Molly Mayfield


RockWare Inc



(TB- edit to add Rw16 )


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If you cannot install the newer version due to IT policies, you can work around the problem manually by turning off the Check for Updates option in the menu file.


Open the following file in Notepad or another text editor:


where <username> is your login name on your computer.


Search for the parameter named CHECK_VERSION and set it equal to 0, i.e.


Save the changes, and re-start RockWorks 17.



Tom Bresnahan

RockWare Inc.

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